Learn About Dental & Extraction Bone Grafts: Types, Care & Treatment in Hernando

What is the success rate of bone grafts?

Bone grafts have a reasonable success rate, and, in several cases, within a couple of months, you will have ample new bone growth for restorative steps.

Can I choose the type of bone graft?

The type of bone graft that would be needed is decided based on factors like your anatomy, bone density, bone structure, the health of the oral tissues, jaw shape, and medical history. Professionals have expertise in deciding the treatment plans. Dr. Adatrow has been doing dental implant surgery for more than 17 years. So, he would ensure that he gives you the best treatment with all his expertise to ensure you have your beautiful smile back.

Do I need to take special care of my bone grafts?

Yes, you will have to remember that your bone graft is made up of many particles. During the first couple of days, you might find some tiny granules in your mouth. Don't be frightened by them. It's natural for some of them to come out of the grafting site and into your mouth. There are some things you might do to reduce the number of particles dislodged:

  • Do not affect the wound or damage it.
  • Stop rinsing on the first day after the bone grafting treatment.
  • Do not apply pressure to the grafted region with your tongue or fingers, as the material is movable during initial healing.
  • Do not raise or remove your lips to look at the sutures. This can cause damage to the wound site and break the sutures.
  • Don't smoke, spit, or drink with a straw.

After the second day, gentle rinsing would be allowed, but not too vigorous, as some of the bone graft granules can be disturbed again.

Why get bone grafting done at Advanced Dental Implants & TMJ Center?

We at Advanced Dental & TMJ Center thrive for providing world-class care to our patients. We make sure that all our patients are comfortable and satisfied with their treatment. Dr. Adatrow is passionate about providing personalized care. He spends time with the patients, understands his patient's condition, and recommends the best possible treatment. He has intensively trained in the University of Tennessee and Indiana University hospital to place bone grafts, implants and administer sedation to his patients. He is the only practicing board-certified periodontist and prosthodontist in the southern United States. He has experience of more than 17 years.

What measures to take after bone grafting?

  • Aftercare steps, such as putting ice packs on the gums after a bone graft, will control swelling and soreness.
  • Dr. Adatrow might prescribe antibiotics after the procedure to avoid infection during the recovery period.
  • Pain killers, which can be administered as per the patient's requirements, can help with the pain.
  • In the healing processes following surgery, patients will have to stop wearing dentures for a few weeks. On the surgical site, a denture places pressure and prevents proper healing.
  • We will schedule a postoperative follow-up appointment for suture removal and confirm the surgical site's healing.

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