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Before and After the Dental Implant Procedure

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 Before and After the Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implants 101: A Comprehensive Before & After Care Overview

Dental implant may take a long and arduous process. There are things you need to do before and after your scheduled surgery

Implant Procedure

This will be the planning stage. At this point, your dentist will conduct various examinations. Your mouth will be assessed if it is needed fit to have implants. The dentist is the one responsible to visually inspect your mouth, your jaw, and your gums.

With the help of CT scans and X-rays, the dental surgeon can easily pinpoint where to put the dental implant. At the same time, he will know if you have an adequate jawbone support. Once these things have been set and finalized, you can now both agree on the date of the procedure.

What Happens After the Implant Surgery?

The healing process is dependent on how strong and adequate your bone is. It can take up to 6 months to fully heal. After the given time period, the dental implant should be unified with the bone.

For the dental implants to be successful, try to not put too much force or pressure on the implant site. Just don’t give it too much stress as it is trying to heal. Also, strictly follow your dental appointments. Follow-up checks are a must!

Visiting your dentist does NOT end that moment the surgery is done. Always check with dentist to see if there are no infections that are hampering the healing process.

It’s important to avoid placing any force or stress on the dental implant as it heals. Follow-up appointments to check the surgical site are typically done to ensure that no infection exists and healing is taking place. After the given time frame, the dental implant will be tested. Your dentist will check if it is indeed successful and if the surrounding bone was able to blend well with the implant.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Dental implants safe, and most people do not have complaints. One common occurrence after a dental implant surgery is pain. It is inevitable! The anesthesia can only numb the pain. After a few days, you will surely feel the pain. You can take pain reliever medications, but meds, like Aspirin, can increase the risk of bleeding.

It is best to consult your dentist about an Aspirin-free alternative. Another side effect is swelling. It is a common reaction to any surgery. You just have to let it be and it will subside on its own. If you need help in reducing the swelling, you can use an ice pack.

After the dental surgery, there’s also a huge chance that you will experience bruising. Bruising on your cheeks is common and is completely normal. Remember, serious complications due to dental implants are rare.

There’s no need to be afraid. If you are still apprehensive, go to a reliable dental clinic like Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center. Seek the advice of a dental professional and discuss your worries with them. Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center specializes in creating customized dental implants. To schedule an appointment, you may call (662) 655-4868, or you may visit https://www.advanceddentaltmj.com/

What’s Next after Dental Implant procedure?

Your dentist will give you a list of instructions that you will have to follow after surgery. For example, you will likely be advised to avoid using tobacco while you are recovering. If you use tobacco, then the healing process will slow down.

You will need to attend all of your follow-up appointments. The purpose of the follow-up appointments is to ensure that you are recovering properly. If you have any questions about your recovery, then you will need to ask them during your follow-up appointments.

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