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Are gum diseases treatable?

Yes, gum diseases are treatable. If gum diseases are diagnosed at the right time and given appropriate treatment with good compliance from your side, gum diseases are reversible.

What are the types of treatments for gum diseases?

The types of gum treatments are non-surgical treatments, surgical treatments, and laser treatments.
• Non-surgical treatments are scaling, root planing, and antibiotic delivery
• Surgical treatments are gum graft surgery, gingivectomy, dental crown lengthening, and osseous surgery.
• Laser treatments are the surgical gum disease treatments done with laser

What is scaling and root planing?

Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) is a periodontal cleaning procedure that reaches below the gumline to scale deep-seated plaque and tartar deposits away. During this treatment, the root surface is smoothened to eliminate the irregularities and bacterial toxins. It is a non-surgical gum treatment which enables gum tissue to recover and reconnect to the tooth.

What is a gingivectomy?

Gingivectomy or gingivoplasty requires the removal of excess gum tissue to remove periodontal pockets or to have better visibility of teeth. Excess gum tissue can occur as a side effect of some drugs like anticonvulsants, antihypertensives, and others. This technique is also called esthetic crown lengthening.

Are treatments for gum diseases using laser painful?

Laser therapy is mostly pain-free. Usually, we use local anesthetics to keep you relaxed during the procedure. You can even ask Dr. Adatrow for the option of sedation if you are anxious about the procedure.

How can my exposed teeth be covered up?

Most of the time mild exposure of tooth root covers up after performing traditional or laser gum surgery. However, when the exposure of tooth is severe then a gum graft surgery would be recommended. Dr. Adatrow will prescribe you the best treatment based on the severity of your oral health condition.
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What is Laser gum (periodontal) treatment?

Laser periodontal treatment is the latest advanced technology to tackle gum diseases. It is a less invasive technique for treating gum disease than standard gum surgery. This uses laser technology to gently remove diseased tissue and harmful bacteria from the gums while preserving the height of the gum tissue around the teeth.

What is gum graft surgery?

When there is gum disease, the gum will start receding away from the tooth resulting in gum recession. A gum graft will help in correcting the gum recession defects. During gum graft surgery, Dr. Adatrow can extract gum tissue from your palate or from another donor source to cover the exposed root. This can be achieved for one tooth or many teeth.

What are Benefits of gum graft surgery?

• Reduce recession and bone loss.
• Cover exposed roots and protect them from decay.
• Reduce tooth sensitivity
• Improve your smile
• Increase confidence

Am I eligible for treatments for gum treatment with laser?

Laser gum treatment can be done for almost everyone except for people with highly severe periodontal disease or people with severe general health issues. Dr. Adatrow will assess your oral and medical health and recommend the optimal treatment for your condition.

Will treatments for gum disease with laser be harmful to me?

No. We adhere to strict guidelines on the use of various wavelengths and power levels, depending on the field of care, to ensure a healthy and comfortable experience. Moreover, Dr. Adatrow is an expert in laser treatments, so you are absolutely in safe hands.

Can gingivectomy be performed with Laser?

Yes, gingivectomy can be performed with a laser. Dr. Adatrow would use a laser instrument to remove the gum tissue and form the gum line. This is an advanced method for treating gum disease and for shaping the gum line.

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