Learn more About Sleep Apnea Treatment: CPAP Masks & Custom Oral Appliances

Why is sleep important?

Sleep plays an essential role in maintaining your physical and mental health. Having good quality sleep every day would help in elevating your quality of life and boost your performance. During sleep, your body undergoes healing enables you to recover from fatigue and other illnesses. Sleep deficiency has been proven to compromise your quality of life and increases the risk of chronic health disorders like heart failure, high blood pressure, and many more.

What is the cost of sleep apnea oral appliance?

The type of sleep apnea device recommended for you will determine the cost of the treatment. Moreover, sleep apnea is a medical condition requiring collaborative work between your physician and Dr.Adatrow. You should always check with your insurance provider to know about your coverage and approach us for any questions you might have. Our team is always eager to serve our patients.

How will oral appliance help my sleep apnea?

The oral appliance looks and fits like an orthodontic retainer and is worn while sleeping. The device will support and position the lower jaw in a forward position; this will help maintain an open airway and make breathing easier.

How will I know if I have sleep apnea?

Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea. Choking or gasping sounds while sleeping, sleepiness or tiredness throughout the daytime, frequent waking up with gasping during sleep, poor memory, irritability, headache in mornings, inability to focus, and compromised productivity are common signs symptoms of sleep apnea. If you or your partner observe any of these signs and symptoms, there is a high possibility that you suffer from sleep apnea.

Will my lifestyle change with the use of an oral appliance?

You will feel like a new person by getting your snoring or osa treated by the oral appliance. Initially, you will need some time to get used to the device. After your adjustment period, you will notice that your productivity during the day gets better. Your other symptoms and quality of life will improve if you adhere to all the instructions and use the appliance every night.

How will I know that the appliance is working for me?

You will notice that your snoring reduces, the focus gets better during the daytime and better quality of life. All these are indicators that the appliance is effective in reducing your sleep apnea. You can also discuss with your sleep doctor to schedule a sleep study to evaluate the results after using the device.

Whom should I approach for snoring or sleep apnea problems?

You can discuss your symptoms with your physician. Your physician or a board-certified sleep medicine physician will schedule a night sleep study at a sleep facility or a home sleep apnea test to assess your sleep. The data collected from the sleep study will be used to make a diagnosis. Based on the severity of the sleep apnea, your physician would recommend an oral appliance for sleep apnea management.

What is the role of the dentist in sleep apnea?

If a patient comes to our clinic with sleep apnea symptoms, dr. Adatrow will do a thorough screening of the patient for osa with a specific questionnaire and assessment of the patient's airway. He then refers to a physician for examination. The physician performs a sleep study on the patients. Based on the research, if the physician decides that an oral appliance is an ideal treatment for the patient, the physician will prescribe an oral appliance. Following the recommendation of an oral appliance, our dental team will provide critical support for all your efforts. Dr. Adatrow collaborates with the physician through the entire procedure to ensure his patient's effective treatment and well-being.

Can I choose the treatment option for sleep apnea?

It is always best to listen to the professionals' recommendations, as they are the field experts. Your physician will provide you with ideal recommendations based on your sleep study data, body physiology, and causes.

Can I choose the type of oral appliance I would want?

Your dentist best decides the type of oral appliance. Dr. Adatrow will assess your medical history and your sleep medicine physician recommendation and determine the kind of oral device that will give you the best results.

Why can't I use over the counter device?

Sleep apnea or snoring guards have to be customized to fit your teeth and oral structures. Dr.Adatrow ensures that the sleep apnea device is in harmony with your oral structures to ensure the device's maximum comfort and effective functioning. However, when you buy an over-the-counter device, it might not fit your oral structures well and lead to complications like jaw problems or tooth movement. Hence, we do not recommend over the counter devices.

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