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What is super floss in Oral Hygiene Tools?

The Oral-B brand has developed Superfloss to assist in cleaning inaccessible areas in the mouth. It helps you to clean your teeth or gums when braces, implants, bridges, or large gaps between your teeth are present. Superfloss consists of a rigid end, which makes it simple to insert between braces and under retainers. A spongy floss for removing plaque is attached to the stiffened end, followed by regular floss for your typical floss. Superfloss comes in pre-cut strands so that you're never going to use it too much or too little.

What is a proxy brush?

A proxy brush is a kind of interdental cleaner. You will use this to clean gaps between your teeth. A proxy brush has bristles on a small wire, connecting it with a short handle in plastic. The brush is small enough to slip between your teeth. They come in various sizes to match the size of the spacing between your teeth. You can use a smaller proxy brush if the gap between your teeth is too small for the brush to match. It can help you to remove food and plaque between your teeth that are easy to miss with your toothbrush. Like flossing, you pass it between your teeth until all the tooth surfaces are cleansed.

What is a gum stimulator?

Gum stimulators common and inexpensive devices available in most drug shops. Usually, the tool has a metal handle with a spiky rubber or silicone tip in the end. The tip is generally stable, while silicone tips are generally much weaker. You may note that yours is worn down after a few months of regular use. You can substitute the tip if that happens. However, as replacement tips are sold separately, you do not have to purchase a new tool.

What is Orajel?

Benzocaine has many commercial names, and Orajel is one among them. Benzocaine is used to alleviate sore throat, sore mouth, or cancer-related discomfort or irritation. This drug is available without a prescription. Dr. Adatrow will provide precise dosage and guidance on the usage of your medical condition.

What is Peridex, and how to use it?

Peridex is an antibiotic mouthwash. An oral rinse is used as supplement to the scaling and root planning treatment to reduce gingivitis symptoms. It is available as an over-the-counter or prescription medication.
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How to use a gum stimulator?

Place the stimulator's rubber tip at a 45-degree angle between two teeth. Massage the gum line with a gentle circular motion. Repeat until every gap between your teeth has been massaged. You may also run the stimulator tip carefully along the lower edge of your teeth, where the gums connect with the teeth. This removes any extra plaque and food that is accumulated between the teeth.

How does a gum stimulator work?

Gum stimulators can improve your oral health in more ways than you would imagine. First of all, by taking plaque off the region along the gum, they can help clean the teeth and gums. Gum stimulators may exceptionally be useful for cleaning between teeth for people with a broader space between their teeth. A gum stimulator will decrease your risk of gum disease by increasing blood flow to the gums.

What is a Waterpik?

Waterpik is a water floss brand that sprays water on the teeth to remove food between the teeth. Water floss can be the right choice for people with typical flossing issues, especially those who have to use the kind of material that requires threading of string between your teeth.

How to use a Waterpik?

The water floss reservoir is filled with lukewarm water; then, the flossing tip is placed in your mouth and turn it on. Keep the handle at an angle of 90° to your teeth and spray. Water pulses out and washes the spaces between your teeth; while doing this, lean over a sink to prevent messing the place.

What are the types of mouthwashes?

There are two kinds of mouthwashes, cosmetics and therapeutic. Cosmetic mouthwash is capable of providing temporary relief from bad breath but has no chemical or biological application beyond that. The active ingredients in medicinal (therapeutic) mouthwash include regulating or decreasing symptoms, such as bad breath, gingivitis, plaque, and tooth decay.

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