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What is an immediate denture?

An immediate denture is a denture inserted on the same day of removal of your natural teeth. It can be a complete or partial denture. Immediate dentures are also interim dentures.

What are the advantages of immediate dentures?

An immediate denture provides many advantages:
  • The most significant thing is that you never have to go into public without teeth.
  • The shape, color, and arrangement of your natural teeth are also easier to replicate because some remain in your mouth.
  • When an immediate denture is inserted after removing your natural teeth, it serves to protect the wound area and reduce bleeding.
  • You need not have to learn to talk without a tooth and then relearn to speak with new teeth, so speech adaption is faster.
  • You can also chew better than without teeth, minimize facial distortion due to tooth loss.

Why is immediate denture expensive?

Initially, an immediate denture is costlier than a traditional toothing since fabrication time is longer. A surgical stent is also required to recontour the extraction site tissue. The stent requires further follow-ups for adjustment and refitting. When your denture gets loose during the healing process, a temporary relining substance is used to refit it. The immediate denture must be finalized with a permanent reline or a new denture after the soft tissues have healed or the underlying bone has shrunk (approximately six months after the extractions). The cost will depend on your choice of relining or new a denture. Dr. Adatrow will educate you about the benefits and drawbacks of a permanent reline versus a new denture for you so that you can make an educated decision.

How much time does immediate complete denture take?

Four to five visits, plus any preliminary surgery, may be expected for the immediate denture fabrication. The back teeth have to be removed 6 to 8 weeks before the fabrication of immediate denture, in case the patient needs a complete immediate denture. This enables the healing of the extraction sites before recording models for an immediate denture. The fabrication stage includes impressions, bite records, tooth selection, and back teeth try-in. On the day of delivery, Dr. Adatrow will remove your front teeth and immediately insert your denture.

What are the drawbacks of an immediate prosthesis?

Following are the drawbacks of immediate dentures -
  • Higher prices.
  • It's not always possible to see how the tooth would look before extracting and adding the immediate prosthesis.
  • An immediate denture is also not always as accurate as of the traditional because tooth extraction changes its structure while healing, and hence fit might get compromised.

Who is eligible for an immediate denture?

If the patient is losing all his/her remaining teeth in one or both jaws and requires the substitution of their lost teeth immediately upon removal, immediate dentures are suggested. Many people with hopeless teeth may be eligible for immediate dentures. You can always discuss with Dr. Adatrow about your eligibility for immediate dentures.

When are immediate dentures not recommended?

In patients who have such poorly managed medical conditions and may not tolerate oral procedures, immediate dentures are contraindicated. In rare cases, immediate dentures can also be contraindicated for patients with undesirable anatomy in the jaw and patients with severe gag reflexes. Patients with dexterity problems may also be bad candidates for immediate dentures.

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