Conventional Dentures: Partial Teeth Implants in Southaven

What is a conventional denture?

Conventional dentures are created when the gums are healed reshaped completely. They are also called traditional or regular dentures.

What are the steps involved in fabricating a conventional denture?

Dentures take several steps and several visits to our dental office to tailor the best fitting denture for you. It takes a few weeks to complete a conventional complete or partial denture.
  • Phase 1: Recording Impressions: Dr. Adatrow will record an impression of your gums. He will wait until your gums are healed to take the impressions if you need extractions before making your dentures.
  • Phase 2: Jaw Occlusion: In your mouth, wax rims are positioned to decide your teeth' correct alignment (occlusion). Dr. Adatrow will help you in choosing teeth shade, size and shape, and hue. Our dental team will then send your impressions and information about teeth shape, size, and shape to the dental laboratory.
  • Phase 3: Try-In: This is a crucial step in denture fabrication. The dental laboratory sends a mockup of your denture that contains pre-made plastic teeth in wax to ensure that the denture's general color, sound, shape, and feel is to your satisfaction. Additional trial appointments will be requested if any changes are required. Once you are pleased with the denture, the mock denture is sent back to the laboratory, and the final toothpaste is fabricated. Our dental team will ensure that you are delighted with your denture. However, we advise you to bring a loyal friend or your partner along for this step will give you honest input on how the teeth look so that you are sure about your choices.
  • Phase 4: Final fitting of your denture: In this step, the laboratory has turned the pre-made teeth into a hard-acrylic base, which is in tissue color. You will need to return to the office if you have any complications in the next few weeks to have the denture adjusted to your preference and comfort.

What is the difference between conventional and immediate dentures?

There is a significant difference between conventional and immediate dentures. It is that immediate denture is placed in the patient's mouth on the same day of tooth removal, whereas conventional denture is inserted after a few months when the healing of tissues is complete.

Who is eligible for conventional dentures?

Any individual who has lost his/ her tooth/ teeth and wants to replace their missing teeth is the right candidate for a conventional denture.

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