Learn More About Apicoectomy: Treatment & Post-Op Instructions

What is the success rate of apicoectomy?

The statistics show a success rate ranging from 25-85% depending on the doctor's expertise and the advanced technology used. With Dr. Adatrow's high expertise and latest technology at Advanced Dental Implants and TMJ Center, we have a high success rate for all the procedures performed.

What will be the cost of apicoectomy treatment?

The type of material used for sealing the apicoectomy, the requirement of sedation, and the number of teeth or extent of the defect would determine the treatment cost. Moreover, the benefits of your insurance plan would determine the price of your procedure. You can schedule a consultation with us to determine the ideal treatment for you and then check with your insurance coverage. You can approach us with any questions you might have. Our team is here to serve you.

Why get Apicoectomy treatment done from Advanced Dental Implants & TMJ Center?

We at Advanced Dental & TMJ Center thrive for providing world-class care to our patients. We make sure that all our patients are comfortable and satisfied with their treatment. Dr. Adatrow is passionate about providing personalized care. He spends time with the patients, understands his patient's condition, and recommends the best possible treatment. He has intensively trained in the University of Tennessee and Indiana University hospital in surgical dentistry, laser dentistry, dental implants and administering sedation to his patients. He is the only practicing board-certified periodontist and prosthodontist in the southern United States. He has experience of more than 17 years.

What are the post-apicoectomy instructions?

After performing the apicoectomy, our dental team will provide you with the following instructions for the recovery period -
  • Once the anesthetic wears off, you can feel some mild pain and swelling. This steadily decreases over the next few days, however, and you should be able to resume regular activities within a day or two.
  • To help battle an existing infection or prevent a post-operative infection, Dr. Adatrow might prescribe antibiotics. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen should be sufficient for pain.
  • Within a week, stitches are usually removed. When the stitches are in place, you may need to be careful to brush and floss at the site of your surgery.

Will my insurance cover my apicoectomy treatment?

Either your dental or medical or both might cover your apicoectomy treatment based on the reason for your need for the treatment. You can call your insurance agency and discuss your insurance benefits; we can help you in doing the same. If you have any other questions, you can always reach out to us.

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