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What Are the Alternatives to Dental Implants?

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 What Are the Alternatives to Dental Implants?

<What Are the Alternatives to Dental Implants

A World of Choices: Dental Implants Alternatives Explored

There’s no doubt that reconstruct your smile and bring back the self-confidence you once had. However, do know that dental implants are not for everyone. There needs to be “planning stage” first before going through the procedure. Your dental surgeon should do an extensive examination and evaluate your oral health if it is fit to have dental implants.

How to go about it?

Like any procedure, an x-ray should be conducted. Your surgeon will request for a dental x-ray and he will give you his expert opinion on the matter. He will report to you the condition of your mouth and gums if you truly need an implant.

The success lies on the planning. You need to help your dental surgeon understand your medical history. You need to be very transparent with your medical conditions and if you are taking any medications as of the moment.

If there is no proper planning, a surgeon could give you an implant even if you are not in the right condition to do so. Thus, it is extremely important to lay your cards on the table and discuss with your surgeon carefully. Complications could occur and it further cause problems for you in the future.

So, you might want to consider other solutions. Here are a list of alternatives to dental implants:

·       Dental bridge

·       This is used to fill the gaps. Note that a dental bridge is a permanent prosthetic placed to replace the missing teeth. This is not recommended for young adults whose bones are continually developing. Below are some of the most common dental bridges:

o   Resin-bonded bridge

o   It is also called the Maryland bridge. The fake tooth has “wings” on one side Resin is added to the wings, and this serves as the connection to the existing teeth. So, the wings depend on which side has a missing set of teeth.

o   Traditional bridge

o   This is quite different from the Maryland bridge as the teeth need to be ground down. For this type, the fake tooth is connected on the existing teeth using crowns. The existing teeth are capped, and this is why a traditional bridge is more durable than the resin-bonded bridge.

o   Cantilever bridge

o   This is similar to the traditional bridge, but the difference now is that the Cantilever bridge supports the fake tooth only on one side.

·       Removable dentures

·       As the name suggest, this type is removable. It is the total opposite of a dental implant, and it is cheaper as well.

·       The fake teeth are attached to a gum-colored base so that it will blend well with your natural teeth. The concept of this is similar to having retainers. When all teeth are missing, you may need a full set of removable dentures.

It is best to prepare.

You should not fear having dental implants. It continues to have a high success rate, but there are also instances that it can fail. That is why, you need a trusted partner. Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center is definitely a dental clinic that you can rely on.

Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center is known for its dental implants and other reconstructive surgeries. Do not hesitate on calling their hotline: (662) 655-4868, or you may also go to

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