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Dental Implants: The Things You Need To Consider

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Choosing Dental Implants: Things to Consider

According to statistics, over millions and millions of people around the world suffer from tooth loss, may it be from a simple tooth decay that went horribly wrong, minor or major injuries, accidents etc. Now that is absolutely fine if you have a spare tooth on hand that you can just easily plant right back in, or if you can magically grow back a brand new tooth anytime you lose one – but that is way too far from reality and one could only wish. Dental Implants can help!

This pressing dental concern not just affect our mouth’s functionality but it actually has a heavier effect on our emotional state as it will drag down self-esteem to its core due to the fact that, quite honestly, it is embarrassing to talk and smile when there are gaps on your gums. For the past few years, the dental industry has gone through research over research over research just to find a solution to address this concern.

Over the years, many products and procedures were developed and introduced to somehow save the situation, even if it is just a temporary fix. This type of problem though needs a permanent solution that is why after years and years of hard work and endless research, dental implants have been developed.

Dental companies now offer dental implants, which by definition means, an artificial tooth root to hold in a replacement tooth, thus creating a brand new one, that is permanent and functions like a real one. Now this is great and all but before deciding on committing to this kind of surgical procedure, one should think about the cons so we have narrowed down the things you need to take into consideration before diving in to dental implants:

1.)    EXPENSIVE. Dental implants, as amazing as they sound, cost around $5000 or so and your insurance might still not cover it. This is the price that you have to pay for a perfect smile.

2.)    POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS. No system or procedure is perfect regardless if you have spent millions of dollars just to try to perfect it so after the procedure, taking into consideration also the response of your very own system to the surgery, you might experience minor complications that will require a few visits to your trusted dentist. This is for follow-up checks and further updates.

3.)    COMMITMENT. As this will result to a permanent change in your system, it is imperative to remind yourself that this will require your commitment, financially and emotionally. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, it will require a regular visit to your dentist for nine months or more so you need to prepare yourself for a series of check-ups and cash-outs.

Another thing to take into consideration is a comment from a known prostodonthics, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine stated that “Dental implants can sometimes be rejected.” When it happens, the implant is usually replaced with another one that’s slightly larger. Smokers and diabetics have the highest risk of implant failure; with them, the likelihood of failure rises up to 8-12 percent.

To sum things up, there are actually countless of reasons to rethink this decision but all you really need is a good dental clinic to take care of you such as Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center, which does a great job at dental implants. Most importantly, all you need to do your own research and prepare yourself financially and emotionally. You may call them on their hotline: (662) 655-4868, or visit their website at https://www.advanceddentaltmj.com/


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