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“I Hate Going to the Dentist!”

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 “I Hate Going to the Dentist!”

“I Hate Going to the Dentist!”

If you have ever said this or heard someone who has said this, chances are you can trace it back to a bad experience. When people think of dentists, they usually think of pain and discomfort. Early dentistry involved hot wires, leeches, and turnkey extractions using herbs and alcoholic beverages as weak sedatives. As early as 2700 B.C.E., the ancient Chinese used acupuncture to help relieve pain. As time moved forward, more effective dental anesthesia was discovered, which included nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas”.

Today, dentists have the knowledge and science to guide them as they make our visits as comfortable as possible. Regular visits to the dentist are vital to your health and can actually prolong your life. Dental cleanings, yearly x-rays, and check-ups help prevent cavities, abscesses and even provide early detection of some forms of mouth cancers.

But if you find yourself in the group that experiences overwhelming anxiety about dental visits because of fear or discomfort, take heart. Sedation dentistry is an effective way to optimize your dental health and minimize your anxiety. There are many forms of Sedation Dentistry that can and will work for you to make your semi-annual check-ups and procedures virtually pain-free.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous Oxide is a breathable, non-toxic gas that is used by most dental professionals. This is the mildest form of sedation available. This odorless gas flows through a soft mask that sits over your nose. The gas mixes with pure oxygen to introduce a relaxed feeling during treatment. Laughing Gas often brings a euphoric feeling that encourages your sense of humor. The adjustable levels of Laughing Gas allow the dentist to customize sedation for each patient, with an altered effect noticed within just a few minutes.


With Laughing Gas, you won’t experience short-term memory loss.

At the end of treatment, the sedative effect disappears almost immediately, and you will be able to return home without lasting side effects.

With laughing gas, you don’t even need an escort to accompany you home from your visit.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

If your anxiety level is a little more pronounced, then an oral sedative may be the best choice for you. Oral sedatives used vary in brand, but all are considered anti-anxiety medication. Your dentist will ensure that all medications are safe for you and will not interact with any current medications that have been prescribed for you. These sedatives will produce the desired effect of reducing and sometimes even eliminating anxiety during your dental procedure.


Before the visit, simply swallow one small pill.

The patient remains awake and responsive during treatment.

The effect subsides within hours of treatment.

With oral sedation, you may not have a vivid recollection of your visit. A companion should accompany you to your visit and remain with you in order to drive you home following your procedure.

Intravenous (IV) Sedation

There may be some patients who have a deeper anxiety level when coming to the dentist. For those patients, some dentists may use an IV sedative. This method is a highly effective and proven solution for many.

During IV sedation, sedative medication flows through the bloodstream as treatment occurs. It’s unlikely you’ll remember anything about your visit as the medication gently blocks your memory of the procedure.


The calming medication enters your system before starting any treatment.

IV sedation leads to procedures that seem to fly by with more treatment completed in one appointment.

Vital signs are monitored using advanced state-of-the-art equipment and personnel.

The effect subsides within hours of treatment.

IV sedation will cause the patient to be unconscious during treatment. Like oral sedation, a companion is required to accompany you to your visit and drive you home following your procedure.

There are so many options available to help alleviate your fear of dentists. The staff and dentists at Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center are certified professionals that will be glad to discuss options with you so that you can smile again. For more information on sedation dentistry, contact the trusted team Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center. You can visit their website or call them at (662) 655-4868 to ask questions or to schedule an appointment.

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