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How Would You Know if Dental Sedation is for You?

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 How Would You Know if Dental Sedation is for You?

Dental phobia is more common than you think, and it stops people from seeking the needed medical attention. Thus, increasing their chances of possibly risking their overall oral health. It is important that people should not let their fear get the best of them because it will definitely hamper in achieving a healthy and beautiful smile.

How Does Dental Sedation Work?

Whatever type of dental sedation you will receive for an upcoming surgery, you should always have someone with you that will accompany you and drive you to the dental clinic. The designated caregiver should be responsible taking you to the clinic and driving you home after the dental surgery. Additionally, someone should be able to stay with you for another 2 to 4 hours in case of any emergencies.

The whole process of sedation totally depends on what your dentist chooses for you. If it is an oral sedation, the dentist will prescribe you a drug, and will give you necessary instructions on when to take it. Usually, you are asked to drink it one hour before the operation, and you will gradually feel drowsy. Once the drug is in effect, you will be relaxed and free from anxiety.

If it is inhalation analgesia, your dentist will prepare the nitrous oxide. Your will be asked to inhale the laughing gas before the procedure. However, if you will be sedated through an IV, you need to make preparations.

Generally, the dentist may ask you refrain from eating or drinking hours before the scheduled dental procedure. Plus, you also need to be careful with drinking other meds as they can intervene with the IV sedation.

Dental sedation is for you if:

1.     You are going to have an invasive dental procedure

2.     You don’t want to see or know what is happening during the surgery. Moreover, if you have a fear of seeing all the dental tools and needles, then, IV sedation may be best to help you relax.

3.     You want another way to relax, inhalation analgesia is also a good alternative.

4.     You cannot tolerate the pain, then, better explore your dental sedation option.

5.     Once you have a terrible gag reflex, don’t have second thoughts. You will be needed sedative drugs.

6.     You have irrational fear of going to the dentist or you have any mental health concerns, sedation will surely help you.

7.     Next is if you have trouble in controlling your physical movements or if you constantly move around.

8.     Lastly, if you want your dental procedure to be done the quickest possible time, then, consider dental sedation.

Dental sedation is not recommended for you if:

1.     you have a history of sexual, emotional or physical abuse

2.     you do not agree to (or you dislike) the use of sedative drugs

3.     you have a fear of getting the wrong dental work

4.     you are more worried about dental sedation than the actual dental procedure

5.     you like to see everything firsthand, or you want a detailed explanation on the surgery

6.     you want to go through the dental procedure at your own pace and would like to use stop signals

Whether you want to be sedated or not, it is best to go to a trusted dental clinic like the Advanced Dental and TMJ Center. You can call (662) 655-4868 to schedule an appointment ahead of time or you can request an appointment on the Advanced Dental and TMJ Center website.

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