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Facts About Dental Implants

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Facts About Dental Implants

The Science Behind Dental Implants: Must Know facts

If you come to think of it, dental implants may sound really impossible and way out of reach. I, myself, am having a hard time reaching a realization in my mind about how dental implants really work and how did the people behind it come up with this development.

I am certain that many of you, who are also experiencing dental issues and insecurities, are curious about its functionality and longevity and you may also have questions about its reliability. I don’t blame you though, it is indeed mind-boggling.

Dental Implants are basically developed for those of us who are lost a tooth or two. The goal of dental implant is to allow us to restore our missing teeth by replacing it with artificial ones that eventually becomes permanent once it fuses with our bones and also to eliminate the hassle of using dentures, which you have to take on and off.

To end our curiosity about dental implants, here are a few facts that we need to know about it:

1.)            One common misconception about dental implant is it is painful. Clinics like, Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center assure you that is really doesn’t hurt one bit. The Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center has developed their surgical procedures with precision and finesse, of course with consideration of the customer’s comfort level. Various types of sedation may fit your comfort level best, so feel free to discuss them with the doctor.

2.)            We all know that it will take a great deal of money for you to get dental implants but if you take a  look at it on a long-term perspective, it will actually allow you to save quite a significant amount of money by preserving jawbone and keeping the rest of your teeth healthy. It is actually a great investment for something that could actually last a lifetime. As compared to using removable dentures, that are cheaper than implants, the latter could actually save you not from the price you have to pay for the actual implants itself, but from the succeeding appointments and medicines.

3.)            Another misconception about dental implants is you body can reject the procedure. According to 50 years of dedicated research about this advancement, the success rate for this surgical procedure is 96% because implants are made of completely biologically compatible ‘bone-friendly’ titanium material; they naturally heal and integrate with the surrounding tissues. Most complications are just post implant, and just needs further check-ups with your dentist.

4.)            So for those of us who are checking on who are allowed to perform dental implants, according to Dr. Harold Slavkin, the dean of the University of Southern California dental school, “a well-educated and well-trained clinician is imperative” for a successful dental implant procedure. Hence, choosing a skillful and experienced surgeon placing the implant and a dentist restoring it is crucial in achieving aesthetic and functional success.

What we really need to bear in our minds is that this surgical procedure was developed for 50 years or so. That’s why we need to put our faith in the dedicated research that was conducted just to restore and create smiles. There’s no need to fear on what could go wrong because there are dental clinics that provide excellent service. Consult the well-trained dentists at Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center for your dental needs!


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