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Dental Implants Tupelo MS | 6 Important Eligibility Facts

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 Dental Implants Tupelo MS | 6 Important Eligibility Facts

Understanding Dental Implants Eligibility: Who Qualifies for Implant Surgery?

If you are one of 125 million people with missing teeth, Tupelo, MS, you might be contemplating dental implants, Tupelo, MS for replacing the missing teeth. We believe it is essential for you to understand the factors that make an individual eligible for the dental implant procedure.

Who are the suitable candidates for dental implants, Tupelo MS?

 Dental implants may replace a single tooth or multiple teeth for the majority of people.  Dental implants might be an alternative to bridges or dentures for the replacement of tooth/ teeth.

Candidates for dental implant surgery should have healthy gums and be of an age where their jawbone has finished developing. In addition, you should have ample bone to protect and anchor the implants.

You might be a suitable choice for dental implants Tupelo MS, even if you have bone loss in your mouth, as dental implants are advised to avoid further bone loss. In cases of bone loss, the bone height can be restored using bone grafting procedures.


How will the dentist assess whether I am suitable for dental implants Tupelo MS?

A detailed oral assessment of your jaw, teeth, lips, and general health is essential for dental implant success. The dental team would perform a full mouth X-ray and potentially a Computed Tomography (CT) scan on you. This will enable your dental team to accurately assess your treatment by identifying places of bone deterioration, closely inspecting the outline of your sinuses and nerve position.

We would also do a rigorous medical assessment because your physical condition and background significantly impact how quickly the implant heals and bonds with the bone.


Are people with poor health outcomes not dental implant candidates?

Uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, jaw radiation, obesity,  or chronic gum disease are contributing factors that may negatively impact the resulted dental treatment. To assess whether you are a suitable fit, we will want to carefully examine the condition and consult your doctor (General Practitioner) to improve your general wellbeing. People who take narcotics, hormones, or immune-suppressing drugs might also be unsuitable for dental implant treatment.


Are people with detrimental behaviors eligible for dental implants Tupelo MS?

Detrimental habits such as grinding or clenching their teeth can exert too much strain on the implants, causing long-term harm and lead to implant failure.

There are varying views about the effect of smoking on dental implants Tupelo MS, but the short response is that you can get an implant successfully inserted while you smoke. However, the implant has a higher failure rate, and its effectiveness is more contingent on oral hygiene habits.


Can people with poor oral habits undergo dental implant procedures?

If a patient has poor oral hygiene, the odds of having implant failure are increased. This may include the dental implants sliding out of alignment, the gums shrinking all-around dental implant, or bone loss around the dental implant due to general and dental health issues.

Candidates committed to maintaining good oral health are outstanding choices for dental implants Tupelo MS. Flossing, brushing, and rinsing with a decent mouthwash many times a day help remove plaque, which protects the oral cavity from bacterial infection during the implant process. A successful candidate is someone who visits the dentist twice a year for regular checkups.


Does patience play a role in dental implant success in Tupelo, MS?

Patience is an asset! Implants will take anything from four to twelve months to fully attach and recover. It is essential to enter into an implant surgery with firm dedication. Allowing many months for the gums to regenerate after the implant is another process that requires time, and designing the new tooth could take weeks or months, for example.

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