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Dental Implants Aftercare

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 Dental Implants Aftercare

The Importance of After care In Maintaining Dental Implant Health

Dental implant surgery, as per definition, is a procedure that replaces tooth roots with metal, screw-like posts and replaces damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth that look and function much like real ones.

Basically, it is like a foundation for an artificial tooth to replace a missing or decayed one and is said to last almost a lifetime if taken cared of diligently. Much like how we should naturally take care of our precious pearly whites on a regular basis, we also need to pay close attention to maintaining good oral hygiene when we already have dental implants on.

 As a matter of fact, it is imperative that we take twice, thrice, or even quadruple times the care if we have such dental implants on, because even though they are said to last long-term, it is still artificial and it would need to be taken cared of properly. Even though they function like your real teeth, dental implants are still more delicate than your natural ones. That’s why a foolproof aftercare is a must. So, how should we take care of our dental implants?

 You would think that after you got implants on, nothing could go wrong with your teeth but that is where you are wrong. Here are some aftercare tips that you need to diligently practice once you have dental implants on:


1.)            To start off, after you have your implants on, you need to treat it as if it is your real teeth. So, as much as possible keep your mouth clean.

2.)            On the evening after your dental implant surgery, you can definitely just presume your actual dental care routine. Brush your real teeth like normal but avoid the implant site for the first few days until you can already tolerate the pain.

3.)            To haste up the healing process, you can gargle lukewarm water with a teaspoon of salt. Make sure that it is not too hot though, you might end up burning your mouth. Focus the rinsing on the implant site until water gets cold and then repeat as often as needed.

4.)            Although it is inevitable, as much as you possibly can, avoid getting food on implant sites but in cases that you do get food on it, make sure to rinse with water thoroughly.

5.)            For those of you who smoke, avoid smoking until the wound has completely healed as it can slow down the healing process of the implant site.

As mentioned above, those are just the basic aftercare musts that you need to religiously follow once you got your implants on to speed up the healing process and to make it last long. For any dental emergencies, I suggest calling Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center at (662) 655-4868. Aftercare treatments are as important as the dental implant surgery itself.

 Also, another thing to keep in mind once you do have implants on or right after the implant procedure is to avoid hot drinks or hot food or try not to touch the site that much with food and drinks and it is also important to not put in so much force or do laborious work within 48 hours after the surgery.

These are just basic aftercare steps that you need to do to maintain good oral hygiene when you got yourself a dental implant. If done by experts such as Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center, who does the best dental implant surgery in town, complemented by the aforementioned aftercare steps, you sure will have a long lasting perfect smile.


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