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8 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants for Replacement of Missing Teeth

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 8 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants for Replacement of Missing Teeth

Choosing Dental implants: Your path to a Brighter, Healthier Smile.

If you're still unsure about which sort of tooth replacement option is ideal for your lifestyle, here are a few benefits of dental implants you need to consider for decision-making.

1. Dental implants are long-lasting.

The only modern tooth replacements that have the potential to last a lifetime are dental implants. It is unusual to have to repair implants in the same way that you would fillings or bridges. The goal is for them to last for decades, if not for the remainder of your life. To make it feasible, you need to take adequate care of them.


2. Dental implants are more durable than other types of restorations.

One of the most severe consequences of tooth loss is the loss of biting integrity. Tooth replacement with a denture or partial denture can reestablish oral function, but your chewing efficiency remains compromised. However, it is not the same with dental implants. During regular eating, an implant can endure whatever level of biting pressure you apply to it. They are as powerful as natural teeth.  However, you should not use them to open bottle caps or packages!

3. A dental implant encourages the development of healthy bone.

Osseointegration is a significant term with tremendous benefits. It means fusing (integration) with bone (Osseo). Because of this process, dental implants are such a success when it comes to permanent tooth replacement surgery. The titanium substance used in dental implants can stimulate bone fusion to the surface of the implant. As a result, when we insert the implant into your jaw, your body is naturally drawn to it. As bone integrates with the implant’s slightly ribbed texture, it bonds the implant into place, making it a permanent fixture in your mouth. Osseointegration not only stabilizes your implant but also reduces the natural bone loss that occurs when a tooth is extracted. As a result, it protects any nearby teeth too.

4. Dental implants enhance your facial profile.

When someone has tooth loss, their facial profile may appear “sunk in” due to the bone loss from the jaws. Perhaps your lips and cheeks appear a little thinner as if there is no support behind them. Dental implants replace lost teeth while promoting healthy bone growth; they can also help maintain a younger facial profile. Their permanence guarantees structural support beneath your soft tissues, allowing you to avoid – or at least reduce – the aged appearance that occurs with tooth loss.


5. Dental implants are easy to maintain.

Daily dental implant maintenance is straightforward. Care for them as you would for your natural teeth! Brush twice a day, floss every day, and get professional teeth cleaning at least every six months. If you have a habit of bruxism, wear a nightguard to eliminate damaged dental work. Your daily home care regimen is most likely the most crucial aspect in achieving successful treatment results. Easy maintenance of dental implants makes them an appealing choice for tooth replacement.


6. You Can Replace As Many Teeth As You Want with dental implants.

There isn’t much you can’t accomplish with dental implants. Whether you choose to replace a single tooth, many teeth at once, or your complete smile, all of those alternatives are available to you daily. Because implants are so sturdy, they can withstand a great deal of weight. We can employ a pair to support a multiple-tooth bridge or as few as four for a full-arch All-on-4 grin treatment. If there is only one missing tooth, we can replace that with a single dental implant with a crown on top. The restoration will blend in with the surrounding teeth.

7. Dental implants are the least invasive option for the replacement of missing teeth.

The only permanent tooth restoration option that is non-invasive to adjacent natural teeth is a dental implant. Instead of relying on an adjacent tooth for support, the implant sits directly next to it without ever touching it. There is no need to modify your natural tooth structure. In the case of dental bridges, the adjacent teeth require a significant amount of modification. Hence, implants are the most non-invasive treatment option.

8. Dental implants have the most significant success rate.

Dental implants have the highest success rate of any tooth-replacement method available today. Dr. Adatrow uses cutting-edge technology and research to ensure that each treatment plan is well thought out and efficient. You can only expect the best when you have both expertise and science on your side! The other important factor is to commit to daily maintenance to keep the gums and bone tissues around your implants as healthy as possible.

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If you have any further questions about oral health, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Adatrow. Dr. Adatrow has more than 18 years of experience in placing dental implants, with a success rate of over 97%, and can provide you with the best possible dental treatment. He is a Board-Certified Prosthodontist and Periodontist.  Please contact our office to schedule your consultation now!

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