Laser technology continues to transform many procedures in healthcare. Once the subject of sci-fi movies, lasers now clearly provide benefits for mainstream treatment in medicine and dentistry. Shorter procedures, less discomfort, and rapid healing comprise just a few of the benefits offered by modern lasers. In dentistry, lasers simplify many surgical procedures and lead to more comfortable treatment and more predictable outcomes.  Hard tissue lasers take your care one step further, eliminating aspects of dental care that produce anxiety for many patients.

Soft Tissue Laser

The soft tissues of the mouth cover about 30 square inches of surface area, and sometimes require treatment. Annoying lumps or bumps may need removal with unusual patches of tissues submitted for further microscopic analysis. Traditionally, a surgical procedure involving incisions and sutures would be required to produce an acceptable remedy for these situations. Today, a pen-shaped wand allows Dr. Adatrow to remove gently suspicious or bothersome bumps within a couple of minutes. The healing stimulated by laser energy leads to rapid resolution and little to no discomfort, without the need for stitches.

Similarly, gums can be quickly reshaped without bleeding for ultimate appearance and health, and some gum infections treated with rapid resolution afterwards. Even cold sores or mouth ulcers can undergo faster healing when laser energy passes over the surface. Better yet, the days of pain associated with these recurring ulcers can be dramatically decreased immediately. Lasers may also be used with children to help growth and development issues or help wisdom teeth move into place.

A soft tissue laser offers a valuable benefit to many commonly treated conditions in the mouth. Dr. Adatrow's specific training in laser protocols opens up numerous possibilities using one of modern dentistry's most versatile tools.

Hard Tissue Laser

Hard tissue lasers elevate dental treatment to a new level.  Teeth contain water, and laser energy contacting a tooth excites the water molecules to help gently trim away tooth structure.  Often a continuous stream of water produced with the laser keeps the tooth cool, virtually eliminating sensation.  And the quiet operation of the laser handpiece offers a pleasant respite from the sound of a dental drill.

A hard tissue laser’s highly precise operation allows less of your tooth to be removed to access an area damaged by a cavity.  And without the vibration of a conventional metal drill, fewer stress cracks develop in the crystal structure of the tooth.  Your tooth remains stronger with less filling material needed to return it to full function.  Better yet, no anesthetic is needed for many procedures involving the small laser handpiece!

Since teeth rarely need numbing before laser treatment, multiple cavities can often be restored in one visit.  Instead of worrying about numb lips and return visits, laser dentistry streamlines your care and keeps your lifestyle on track.  Adults and children both benefit from treatment that leaves their mouths feeling perfectly normal right after treatment!

The benefits of laser treatment extend well beyond cavities, providing a valuable method for treating gum disease root canals, and some problems around implants. Many other surgical treatments can be simplified, often eliminating the need for stitches or long healing periods. We look forward to introducing you to the comfortable, convenient and precise possibilities of hard tissue laser treatment at Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center.

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