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TMJ & Ear Pain: What is the Connection [Complete 2020 Guide]

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 TMJ & Ear Pain: What is the Connection [Complete 2020 Guide]

No matter what kind of pain you are experiencing, no one wants to experience pain in any part of their body. Many people are suffering from ear pain, neck pain, jaw pain and facial pain and looking for the solution to get rid of such kind of pain.

Before looking for the right treatment, one must know what those symptoms are indicating.  The pain you are experiencing in your jaw, ear, neck, and head could be because of the TMJ disorder.

TMJ and Ear pain

Not every ear pain can be associated with the TMJ disorder but if you are having pain in your neck, headache, jaw pain and facial pain then it could be most likely due to TMJ. This could be the symptoms of TMJ syndrome and you might be suffering from it. TMJ disorder develops due to the misalignment of the temporomandibular joint.

Many times people who are suffering from TMJ don’t even know that they have developed such a disorder. Some people do not try to find out what their symptoms are associated with and wait for them to disappear on their own. If you pay attention to your symptoms then TMJ cloud is easily diagnosed and treated with non-surgical treatment.

How ear pain is related to TMJ

Half of the patients who suffer from TMJ complaints about ear pain. The pain in the ear is due to the misalignment of the jaw bone due to various reasons and it can cause pain in the inner ear of the patient.

The reason for jaw misalignment could be clenching of teeth at the time of stress, any dental surgery and trauma after an accident.

Many times a doctor does not think that the pain his/her patient is feeling is not associated with TMJ but due to any ear infection. The wrong diagnosis could be harmful so how you can find out that the ear pain you are feeling is because of TMJ. The simple answer is, if you are suffering from pain which is not followed by fever and hearing loss then it could be due to TMJ.

Diagnosis of TMJ

However, you might think that your ear pain is related to TMJ disorder; still, you need to visit your dentist to get the right diagnosis report.

To find out the real reason behind your ear pain, your doctor will conduct a physical examination to find out your jaw and ear pain. While he/she will examine your jaw and ear, he/she will ask you about your medical history and other symptoms. Inform them if you have any recent dental surgery, physical or mental illness and any injury.

While examining, your doctor could check for the other symptoms by listening to the jaw sound, check your ear, and feel the jaw movement and many other things which are helpful to diagnose TMJ disorder. If he still has any doubts and wants to confirm his doubts then he can ask you to get an X-ray or MRI scan.

Treatments that your doctor can suggest you

If you are the lucky one then you might not need to treat TMJ as most of the people found that the symptoms go away on their own? But if you are suffering from pain then you can do a few things which can help you to get some relief from pain.

  • Don’t move your jaw and try to rest it.

  • Apply ice cubes on the jaw to get some relief from the pain.

  • Your doctor can also prescribe you the non-steroid over the counter drugs that are helpful in pain reduction and reducing inflammation.

    For more help managing your TMJ disorder, contact the trusted team Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center . You can visit their website or call them at (662) 655 -4868 to ask questions or to schedule an appointment.

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