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TMJ Disorder: What is the best time to consult a Specialist

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 TMJ Disorder: What is the best time to consult a Specialist

The temporomandibular joint is a joint which is responsible for connecting the lower jaw and skull in front of the ear. The joint is like a hinge which helps to move the jaw right & left, smile, eat, chew, and open & close. When you feel pain in your jaw while moving your jaw, it could be due to TMJ disorder.

What causes TMJ syndrome?

The causes of the TMJ disorder are not known but there are few factors which are responsible for the TMD. There are multiple factors which lead to jaw misalignment and tightness. Here are a few

factors which are responsible for TMJ disorder.

  • One of the reasons for TMD could be a misalignment of the jaw.

  • Teeth grinding due to stress

  • Poor or wrong posture

  • Arthritis

TMJ syndrome symptoms and signs

One of the main symptoms of TMD is pain in the temporomandibular joint which is located in front of the ear. One can feel jaw pain, ear pain, headache, neck pain and facial pain due to TMJ disorder.

  • The most prominent area of the TMD pain is jaw, if one feels pain in the jaw it could be because of TMD.

  • Popping and clicking sounds in the jaw.

  • Ear pain

  • Cracking or popping sound from the ear.

  • Headache and migraines

  • Stiff jaw and neck muscles

  • Pain in jaw while chewing

When to go to consult a specialist

If your jaw got hurt and you are experiencing jaw pain, facial pain, ear pain and neck pain including headache it could be due to TMJ disorder. There is no surprise if you are feeling pain in your jaw while eating, chewing these are the symptoms of TMJ disorder.

The good news is that many times you don’t need to see your doctor for TMJ but if you are feeling such pain for a long time then you should consult a doctor. You might be ignoring these symptoms because they come and go but you cannot ignore them for a long time if they appear again.

It is better for you to not ignore such pain if it appears after some time. It might be a signal that your TMJ disorder could not heal without medical intervention. To confirm your features you need to visit your dentist.

How to diagnose TMJ disorder?

There is nothing better than a physical examination of your jaw to diagnose TMJ disorder. When you visit your dentist he will observe your jaw and ask you to open and close your mouth. He will also examine your ear, will try to listen to the sound of your jaw while you are opening and closing your mouth. Your doctor could suggest an MRI or X-ray to get better diagnosis reports.

Will symptoms of TMJ get worse without treatment?

For many people, the TMJ disorder symptoms vanish with time without seeking any medical help. But if your symptoms don’t go away and you don’t get medical help then the pain could be chronic. Therefore, it’s better to seek medical help.

Symptoms like earache, headache and migraine get worse with time and it becomes difficult to deal with your day to day life. To run your life activities smoothly, you should visit your dentist.

Your doctor might prescribe you some pain relief over the counter medicines or other treatments which are quite conservative and help you to get relief from TMJ pain.

Treating TMJ disorder is quite simple and easy and does not require any surgery if you pay attention to your pain. But if you neglect the symptoms, you might need a surgery to treat TMJ.

For more help managing your TMJ disorder, contact the trusted team Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center . You can visit their website or call them at (662) 655 -4868 to ask questions or to schedule an appointment.

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