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Do You Qualify To Get Dental Implants?

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Do You Qualify To Get Dental Implants?

Exploring the Requirements for Dental Implants

Once you have mapped out whether you do want to get dental implants or not and once you have done adequate research about the entire process, another thing that is of great significance is whether you qualify to get dental implants or not. Since dental implants involve surgical procedures that can be quite risky, we first need to determine whether you are ready, mentally and physically for it.

So it is not just about preparing for the budget of getting dental implants, but it is most importantly about making sure that you are qualified to go through the risky process.

So, if you are considering getting dental implants, here is a checklist on the qualifications to get one according to Columbia University College of Dental Medicine:

1.)            First and foremost, it is a given that you have gums healthy enough to go through all of the procedures necessary to get the implant done.

2.)            You also need to have enough bones to hold the implants in the jaw — some people who lost a bone in their jaw may still get implants, but first the bone must be built again using other special procedures.

3.)            You also need to be committed to taking diligent care of the implanted teeth and surrounding gums — to brush and floss daily are imperative. Regular visits to the dentist for follow-up are also important.

            The list mentioned above is the basic qualifications if you want to get yourself some dental implants. In contrast to that, here are the things that make you ineligible to go through a dental implant:

1.)            If you are one of those young people whose bones have not stopped growing.

2.)            Pregnant women – as it is too risky on both the baby and the mother to perform the procedures.

3.)            Those folks who are alcohol or substance abusers who are not yet ready to follow the dentist’s instructions after placement of the implant, such as no smoking, and returning for follow-up. They also may be less likely to take good care of their teeth and gums.

4.)            People who have received high-dose radiation treatment of the head or neck

5.)            People with chronic diseases or systemic problems, including:

6.)            Uncontrolled diabetes

7.)            Connective-tissue diseases

8.)            Hemophilia

9.)            Significant immune deficiencies

            So how will you know all of these things? Other things that are included in the checklist are something that you can determine or do on your own but basically before you undergo the whole surgical process, you will be evaluated first by a dental professional during your initial appointment. This whole process is not done by just the surgeon alone by the way, there is actually an entire team of specialists to help you out throughout the whole journey, from the consultation to the post surgical matters like the entire team of Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center who is going to do the work for you from start to finish. The doctors of Advanced Dental Implant and TMJ Center are some of the best in the dental industry so you can be certain that you are in good and expert hands.


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