Potential complications after
Tooth Extraction

What are the risks of tooth extraction?

Like any other surgical procedure, tooth extractions might cause swelling, pain, bleeding, and bruising after removing a tooth. Additionally, there can be other complications like nerve injury, maxillary sinus exposure, dry socket, osteoradionecrosis, and delayed healing.

What is a dry socket?

If a tooth is removed, a blood clot is formed in the region in which the tooth previously resided. However, this blood clot could be prematurely dislodged in some instances, leading to a condition called dry socket. It is also called osteitis.

How will my dry socket be treated?

Dry socket treatment focuses on the alleviation of symptoms, specifically pain reduction. Treatment of dry sockets would include:
  • Dr.Adatrow will flush out the socket to clear any foodstuffs or other residues that can cause discomfort or potential infection.
  • He would then give a medicated dressing at the extraction site. This can help alleviate pain relatively quickly. The severity of your pain and other symptoms would determine when and how often you need dressing changes or whether other treatments are needed.
  • He will then prescribe the right pain medication to provide you relief from your pain.
  • Our dental team will provide home-care instructions that would include education on rinse the area, what mouthwash to use, and how often to rinse the area.

What are the symptoms of a dry socket?

Following are the signs and symptoms of dry socket:
  • Severe pain, a few days following tooth removal
  • Partial or complete blood clot loss at the dental extraction site
  • A clear or empty socket
  • Radiating pain from the socket on the same side of your face to the eye, temple, or neck
  • Poor breath or a foul smell from your mouth
  • Presence of a nasty taste in your mouth

How can I get my dry socket treated?

If you have unmanageable pain in a couple of days following tooth removal, contact our dental office immediately so that we can treat your dry socket and facilitate healing.

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