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Easing Ear & Jaw Discomfort: The Benefits of TMJ Laser Treatment

Occlusal Splints to Treat TMJ dysfunction

Why is massage therapy recommended in TMD and TMJ dysfunction?

When there are muscle knots in jaw muscles or neck muscles, the movement of TMJ is restricted and painful. Manually massaging these muscles would help in relaxing them and removing muscle knots (muscle spasms). If Dr.Adatrow determines that there is/are tightness or knots in jaw muscles, he would recommend you meet a massage therapist to relieve the tension in the muscles.

How will a massage therapy help in TMJ dysfunction?

The massage therapist begins by gently touching the muscle to relax. Next, he/ she will press the thumb or finger firmly into the tissue to identify and apply intense pressure to any trigger point (muscle knot) and helps in relieving the tension.

How do TENS help with TMJ dysfunction pain?

TENS is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS is a non-surgical treatment to relieve TMJ dysfunction pain. Dr. Adatrow applies adhesive electrode patches to your jaw at the hinge and other locations where your TMJ dysfunction pain may radiate, such as your neck, with the TENS device. The electrodes deliver low-voltage electrical currents that prevent your jaw nerves from sending pain sensations to your brain.
Instead of jaw pain, your brain perceives the TENS current's pleasant, tingling, massage-like sensations. Because your neural pathways can only communicate one sort of feeling at a time, the sense of TENS treatment takes precedence over the experience of pain. The TENS current also encourages endorphins, which decrease pain and create a sensation of well-being.
TENS treatment may allow your jaw muscles to relax instead of clenching against the discomfort by overriding pain signals. Relaxed jaw muscles, in turn, may minimize the amount of stress and tension in your jaw, as well as your TMJ dysfunction pain.

Why acupuncture for TMJ dysfunction?

You might be prescribed acupuncture sometimes. Acupuncture involves a practitioner inserting sterile thin, flexible needles into specific spots of the body. Your provider will observe where you hold tension in your body and ask a series of questions before deciding which areas of your body to target. It does help in relieving the TMJ dysfunction muscular pain relief. There is no concrete scientific evidence that shows acupuncture is entirely useful in eliminating pain. However, some patients do have success with this TMJ treatment.

Can a chiropractor help my TMJ symptoms?

Chiropractic adjustments would be recommended to relieve tension in the neck or head, as these would be related to pressure in jaw joint muscles. There is not enough evidence to support the efficacy of this in TMJ dysfunction treatment.

What happens if I ignore my TMJ Dysfunction?

TMD is complicated to understand, and its origins are multi-factorial. For example, you could have an out-of-alignment bite, teeth grinding or clenching, osteoarthritis, or even trauma or injury. TMD (temporomandibular joint disorders) may lead to substantial pain and stress if left untreated. People who are chronically in pain are more likely to experience anxiety and sadness. Those who suffer with TMJ might have their lives affected significantly by it. These symptoms, such as constant headaches, neck tightness, and teeth grinding, may significantly hurt a person's health.
A prominent cause of sleep interruption is teeth grinding and clenching; this may result in dental problems, difficulty sleeping, frequent nightmares, and improper cortisol secretion. More recent research demonstrates that sleep disruption affects the body's normal hormonal reactions, resulting in despair and anxiety. Although these findings suggest a link between TMJ dysfunction and long-term repercussions that have a broad influence on general health and wellbeing, this must be further researched. Grinding and clenching may also prematurely wear down teeth and gums. Many individuals with this condition suffer from difficulties with the inner ear, such as ringing (tinnitus), trouble with balance, or dizziness. Treatable TMJ dysfunction has many significant side effects.

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