Many people feel anxious before and during dental procedures. It's okay to feel nervous or even fearful when anticipating an appointment. We understand that our patients aren't all the same, and we have great news: you have options! You can experience dental treatment in a comfortable, customized approach with several different methods of sedation.

The most common forms of sedation used in dentistry are inhalation, oral, and intravenous sedation. While making dentistry much easier for you, it is important to understand that they are not pain-killers, and regular numbing medications still prove essential. But sedation will make every part of your treatment more enjoyable if you're anxious.


Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Laughing Gas is available in our office and provides an excellent way to ease anxiety for many dental procedures. The mildest form of sedation available, gas flows through a soft mask that sits over your nose. This odorless gas mixes with pure oxygen to introduce a relaxed feeling during treatment. Laughing Gas often brings a euphoric feeling that encourages your sense of humor. The adjustable levels of Laughing Gas allow us to customize sedation for each patient, with an altered effect noticed within just a few minutes.

With Laughing Gas, you won’t experience short-term memory loss. At the end of treatment, the sedative effect disappears almost immediately, and you will be able to return home without lasting side effects. With laughing gas, you don’t even need an escort to accompany you home from your visit.

Laughing Gas provides quick, safe sedation to help with mild dental anxiety for appointments of all kinds:

  • Before treatment begins, you breathe a mix of odorless gas and oxygen through a soft nose mask.

  • Our modern office includes state-of-the-art sedation equipment.

  • Laughing Gas is readily available and frequently used by all our providers.

Our team dedicates themselves to patient comfort every step of the way. Laughing Gas means even mild anxiety doesn’t need to be part of your experience at Advanced Dental & TMJ Center.


Oral Sedation

Oral sedation leads to a deeper sedation level than achieved with Laughing Gas. Numerous medications are available for this type of sedation, and Dr. Adatrow and carefully considers your specific needs to determine which choice is best for you. But all of our options are considered anti-anxiety medications and produce the same desirable effect: dramatic reduction and even elimination of anxiety during your dental visit.  

While bringing comfort to your experience, oral medications reduce what you remember about your appointment. We’ll likely complete your treatment in fewer appointments and in less time.

During treatment, Dr. Adatrow diligently monitors your vital signs to ensure a safe visit. In some cases, we may use small doses of Laughing Gas along with an oral medicine for even more relaxation.

Oral sedation may be a good choice for mild to moderate dental anxiety, or simpler appointments:

  • Before your appointment, you swallow a simple pill.

  • The medications we use are FDA approved and include a long history of safety.

  • Our doctors are trained and certified by the profession’s leading organization for dental sedation.

  • Even though you’re awake and responsive during treatment, you enjoy a comfortable, relaxed condition. Depending on the medication used, you may not remember much about your visit.

Oral sedation effects last longer than with Laughing Gas alone. It’s essential a companion accompanies you to your appointment and drives you home after you’re finished. We look forward to helping you discover a remarkable way of overcoming dental fear under the care of compassionate providers.


Intravenous (IV) Sedation

Some dental procedures may call for a deeper level of sedation for fearful patients. IV sedation is a proven method that makes dental care possible for everyone. At Advanced Dental & TMJ Center, we’ve incorporated sedation techniques that few clinics offer.

During IV sedation, sedative medication flows through the bloodstream as treatment occurs. It’s unlikely you’ll remember anything about your visit as the medication gently blocks your memory of the procedure.

IV sedation leads to procedures that seem to fly by with more treatment completed in one appointment. Our highly-trained team monitors you for safety from start to finish.

Dental fear doesn’t need to dictate your dental health. IV sedation eliminates even the highest-level of anxiety.

  • Calming medication enters your system before starting any treatment.

  • In our office, IV sedation is administered by a doctor certified in advanced anesthesia techniques, Dr. Adatrow.

  • During IV sedation you’ll be monitored by the best technology and expertise. Before you know it, you’re heading home to rest.

We look forward to discussing your sedation needs and creating a personalized plan that fits your comfort level. If IV sedation feels like the best choice, we’ll explore scheduling that allows you to start enjoying the benefits of optimal dentistry.